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    I'm looking for a film that has sensual & sexaul lez massage. Can someone point me to any such in any of the series such as WSW, LS, etc. Much obliged.

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    Default eic003 - Lez Massage

    I know this is 6 months from your post, but recently in WSW series, Heather and Flower did a little pre massage before the sex scene. I somehow do not think this is what you had in mind. I have liked some of Heather's work when she rubs her body over the other woman she is with. I currently do not know the exact video.
    I do know of one scene that Belladona did in her series that was sensual and lesbian. She then went into her extreme which I sometime like. I think it was the Pink series she does.
    Myself I really enjoy the idea of women rubbing their breasts up and down another woman's body, both front and back. There is some of this by Carla in WSW 31. This is the scene with Zoe. Really hot in many other respects as well in my humble opinion (IMHO). I sometimes do not understand the abbreviations that are used. Anyway, I think most lesbian scenes from GFF have at least the rubbing but not the actual oil and massage techniques that you might be looking for.
    I do hope that this may help.


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    I have been very disappointed with nearly EVERY attempt at including lesbian massage in GFF's (and other American production company's) erotic videos! It's like whoever decides to add lesbian massage does so halfheartedly and with no idea how to proceed.

    Case-in-point: Women Seeking Women 40, with three weak attempts at including lesbian massage. In the first scene, Sochee Mala very briefly rubs Anita Dark's shoulders for maybe half-a-minute before they then begin kissing. That's no massage. Then in the second scene, Rebeca Linares does about a twenty-second un-erotic "neck-&-boob-massage" on Roxy DeVille as a prelude to more instant lesbianism. And that's then followed by a scene where Samantha offers to rub Anita X's sore shoulders, only to begin squeezing her boobs almost immediately, leading to yet another instant, unimaginative lesbian encounter.

    I suspect that somebody probably told the director of WSW-40 that it would be a good idea to throw in some lesbian massage, but the director had NO IDEA how to make it interesting or even erotic, so he-or-she simply told the women involved to briefly go through the motions before quickly getting right to the sex, because obviously "nobody cares about erotic intros, right?" WRONG!!!

    I've seen short Japanese girl/girl massage clips on youtube that were infinitely hotter than any comparable massage scenes I've seen so far in Girlfriends Films videos, and I can't understand why that is! GFF already has the beautiful women. All they need are the creative directors who know how to incorporate some of the ideas that Japanese filmmakers already seem to have mastered. Am I right?
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    I absolutely love the idea of a woman massaging another and then getting intimate.

    I have a young female friend who is bisexual and wants to get a massage from another woman. I told her I would arrange it for her as a gift. She was excited but she only had one condition -- that I be there to watch.

    I phoned a lady I know in the business, who is also bisexual, and asked her if she would be willing to massage my bisexual friend. She agreed to do it and said it was fine if I watched.

    The deed is to take place in a couple of weeks.

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    Film it!

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    Here, here! Isn't there a request along these lines in the proposed storylines section?


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